3 Ways to Stay Hydrated

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We love the summer! Time for travel and lots of fun outdoor activities! But with all the exposure to the sun and heat, we also tend to lose lots of fluids leading to dehydration.

Here are 3 simple ways you can stay hydrated throughout the summer to beat the summer heat:

Water: It’s hot outside and you think a cold refreshing glass of water will cool you down. Actually drinking room temperature water is more beneficial to your body. The water is absorbed better and less likely to cause stomach cramps.

Fruits/Vegetables: We are all aware that water is the major source to keep us hydrated, as our bodies our made up mostly of water. Fruits and vegetables are also made up of mostly water, making them an excellent choice for hydration. Watermelon, strawberries and cucumbers are a few choices you can carry around to snack on while having your summer fun!

Coconut Water: This yummy drink is comprised of 95% water. It’s a great replacement for sports drinks as it has fewer calories, less sodium and high in potassium.

The summer is about having fun! Not passing out! So stay hydrated!

Steps to Cool Down during Pitta Season

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July begins the start of the Pitta season according to Ayurvedic Science, the science of life and sister science to Yoga. The Pitta season represents the fire element. Fire is hot, bright and sharp.

We want to pacify the Pitta season by adjusting our lifestyles to the intensity this season brings.  Adding foods and activities that are cooling to our summer routine can help us work with the heat instead of against it. Thus allowing us to enjoy all the fun and benefits this season brings.

Steps to cool down the intensity of the Pitta season:
  1.  Drink lots of water (preferably room temperature)
  2. Eat cooling foods such as sweet fruit, bitter vegetables and grains
  3. Water activities like swimming, surfing, sailing or simply sitting by the water

Living in accordance with nature can help bring full support and healing power of nature that underlies the growth and development of all living things. (Continue Reading)

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Essential Oils to Balance the Third Chakra

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Essential oils are used in the branch of healing called aromatherapy. Using certain oils can help in healing and balancing disorders we have in our bodies. Essential oils that can aid in balancing the third chakra...(Continue reading...).

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Your Third Chakra and Digestive Healing

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The third chakra or Manipura Chakra is located int the solar plex, navel and digestive area. Associated with the color yellow, this chakra is involved in self-esteem, warrior energy, and the power of transformation; it also governs digestion and metabolism. Physically, the benefits of having Manipura in harmony include excellent digestion, strong muscles and joints, boundless energy, calm nerves, mental clarity and overall A+ wellness (Manipura, at the gut, is really the seat of our vitality).

An under-active Manipura leads to timidity and passiveness, losing your voice in a group. It’s hard to make decisions, and when you do, you likely lack the confidence to stand up for what you want. On a physical level, you might suffer from a weakened immune system and have issues with indigestion and infections. (Continue reading...)
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Digestive Problems in Women

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Women are mothers, wives, leaders in business and best friends. You try to heal, nurture and fix everyone's problems hardly leaving anytime for yourself. How you internalizes your many roles of life can have negative affect on your digestive system.

Although your brain is the head honcho of your body, your digestive tract is the central processing unit. From beginning to end, a healthy digestive tract is critical to feeling good, functioning well and avoiding some pretty serious diseases. The digestive tract is designed to take in nutrients to feed every cell of your body; it also serves as a key support system for your immune system.

When your GI tract is constantly off kilter, you run the risk of actually creating systemic (throughout your body) inflammation, which can lead to an overactive immune response, increased oxidative stress, insulin resistance and increased fat tissue deposits. Be aware of the following types of issues: (Continue reading...)

Health = Success

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The process to begin living your truth starts with improving your health. It is not important that you are skinny or have lots of muscles. What is important is that you have the capacity to breathe easily, to move around without quickly tiring and not feel sick all the time.

Our lives have many areas of distracts and we need to make sure our health is maintained so that we can focus on having a good quality of life. To live in a truthful manner there are areas of your life that must have a level of balance. These area include, but aren’t limited to:
  • Normalization of weight
  • Increased energy level
  • Decreased pain
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved immunity
  • Improvement in balance
  • Increased strength and resiliency
A healthy lifestyle begins with incorporating a fitness routine. In my expert opinion, one should begin a routine that is slow paced then work their way up. Starting slowly assist in sustaining our commitment to the routine.

Also, slowly begin replacing foods with healthier food options. Again, I suggest slow because this is not a diet. You are changing habits for long term, lifetime success.

Your health must have a level of balance so that you are able to think clearly, act out your thoughts and be able to form relationships of love, friendship and support to the accomplishments of your thoughts. Your health can be summarized as complete physical, mental and social well being. Once you have met the basic needs of sustaining a healthy lifestyle it is much easier to focus on living your truth and achieving your goals and dreams.

Liv Your Truth!

Yoga & the Social Media Circle of Life

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Social Media is a very interesting medium to me. Growing up we just had regular telephones, mail and face to face social gathering to keep you in touch, in tuned and involved. Today, you never ever have to see or hear a person if you don’t want to. Or if you do, you don’t ever have to come in physical contact with the people, yet know everything about them.

So for me, I didn’t know if I liked social media.  I want to see, touch, feel and smell people (hope they smell good). I need physical interaction, as I spend enough time alone writing, planning, art or whatever I feel I need to be completely in sync with.

I felt like social media was more of barrier rather than a connector for me. Sure there is online dating, but that’s not my speed. While you can Skype, I like to see my people face to face. And there’s Facebook where most people are voyeurs into other people’s life, I’d rather talk to you on the phone to find out what’s happening with you. 

My perception of social media has changed from one small event that took place and made my yoga program a success.

Social Event: Being new to the Phoenix Metropolitan area, I decided I would go on a food tour. I could hang out with some new people for a few hours. If I made a connection with one or none past the social event, it was a way to have some physical interaction.

Connection: I overheard a conversation had by a young lady, Jordan Johnson, regarding her social media expertise. For some reason I knew in that exact moment that conversation was meant for me, so I asked for her card. Jordan is also the daughter of the owner of the first restaurant on the food tour, Squash Blossom.

I called Jordan regarding web design and social media assistance for my business and upcoming yoga program I was introducing at a yoga studio. However, by the time we met, the yoga studio unfortunately had to close. No studio to host my yoga program, but I believe that one should always keep moving forward with the plan because you never know what’s around the corner. So I met with Jordan anyway.

Well the meeting was just the thing around the corner. Not only did the beginnings of a web design & social media assistance take place, but a space to host my yoga program was created. That’s right my program would be delayed a month, but had a new home, Squash Blossom.

Now I had to find an audience. I was going to use the yoga studio’s members as the people I marketed the program to. No one else, well the social media circle of life had other plans.

After much effort of face to face passing out flyers, setting flyers in businesses, I turned to social media since I hadn’t gotten any face to face responses. I signed up for Meetup.com, which I got registrants from. But it was a connection made on Twitter that created the most unusual and interesting relationship for me and my yoga program.

Social Media: Anel Arriola decided she would take a break from Facebook’s social media scene. She didn’t feel like she was utilizing and connecting with people the way she wanted. So Anel turned to Twitter to see if she would have better luck there.

A resident of downtown Phoenix, she became a follower of Squash Blossom.  Unaware of my social media actions, I somehow followed Anel on Twitter. She looked more into my program and thought it would be a great fit for achieving the goals and dreams she has in her life.

Having been away from Facebook for over a month, she got back on and connected with her friend that she hadn’t seen in two years. While they had not seen each other, Facebook had been their way of keeping in touch. But since Anel had been gone for so long, the friends decided to meet in person.

During their face to face meeting, Anel told her friend of the program she had planned to register for. The friend thought it would be fitting for her life and decided that it would be great for her boyfriend to attend as well. So they all signed up and the program began.

Yoga: While in a yoga class, in which we were supposed to be practicing yoga, somehow it took a turn and we decided to talk about other aspects of yoga, not just practicing asanas (poses). Our conversation revealed the synchronicity of the universe and how it assist you in fulfilling your goals, dreams and desires if you allow it. We went on to discuss how we are each a universe of our own and we each affect one another’s universe by drawing people, places or things to support our goals and dreams.

I shared with them my story of how I came to Squash Blossom. And my belief that I had drawn this place into my universe to support me in allowing my yoga program to be introduced to other people to benefit from. Anel saw the connection of how I also drew her into my universe and told the above mentioned story.
Needless to say, I was amazed at this social media circle of life. This made me a believer that social media was a great tool to connect people face to face, a capability I didn’t see before. I thought it was just one more way to disconnect. 

Social Media, like yoga is a tool meant to unit and bring together. To have a oneness, holistic approach to living. There was a lesson taught for me that social media is meant to bring us together in every aspect of our life.

Liv your truth!